grin remote monitoring

say hello to grin

We are excited to introduce Grin remote monitoring to our True North patients!

Grin remote monitoring offers a safer and more convenient approach to orthodontic care. Grin includes an easy-to-use scope that, when attached to your smart phone, enables you to take self-scans of your mouth. We can then monitor your treatment progress, answer questions and effectively address any emergency situations. With Grin, we are able to keep an even closer eye on your oral hygiene and overall treatment progress without the need for additional appointments–less interruptions to everyone’s busy schedule.

The Grin technology and scope is included in your orthodontic treatment at True North Orthodontics. You’ll receive your Grin scope at our office on day you start your braces or clear aligner treatment.

Our patients take their Grin scans every 2 to 4 weeks typically. These regular scans allow Dr. Hammer and the team to track your progress so that you or your loved one can finish their braces or aligner treatment on time, or even ahead of schedule! This virtual interaction ensures that each in-office visit is thoroughly impactful to your treatment goals and eliminates the need for progress assessment visits. Let’s smile better together.  See for yourself what Grin is all about!

getting started

Download the Grin app

Download the Grin App using the email sent from the team at True North Orthodontics, or with the QR code to the right.

Connect your Scope

Launch the Grin app and follow the self scan instructions. The App will prompt you to position the scope over the phone’s camera and tighten the strap.


When you start a scan in the App, you will be guided to turn your phone horizontally. Then, stand in front of a mirror and place the scope in your mouth to complete the scan.


Send a message or images to Dr. Hammer and the team using your Grin App. They will recieve a notification and can respond in the App.